In March 2017 we got stoked for the first time on a stationary wave in our hometown Munich. From that moment on surfing changed our life.

Only half a year later we surfed in the ocean on the German island Sylt and fell in love with this amazing sport. Followed by several surf camps on Fuerteventura and in LA we’re now off to explore surfing in California for 3 months.

With WaveSpotting we help people to find wonderful surf spots and the perfect surf instructors to improve their skills constantly, learn to understand the waves and the nature and become conscious surfers.

Julia Wenderoth


Vegan and sustainable Yogi, dog mom and surfer. Loves to help people living a meaningful live. More.

Wavespotting Florian Herschle


Running entrepreneur and surfer. On a mission to empower entrepreneurial minds so that they build sustainable businesses. More.

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